What is BarCraft?

Watching StarCraft at a bar

StarCraft fans may refer to a bar-based watch party as a BarCraft. These watch parties serve as a way for SC2 fans to gather together, share a few beers, and watch professional tournaments and championships, streamed over Twitch or another streaming service.

Origin of BarCraft

In 2011, Reddit user and StarCraft fan o_Oskar (aka Team Liquid's primadog) posted an invitation for his fellow SC enthusiasts to meet up and watch some North American Star League games at Chao Bistro in Seattle. This and subsequent gatherings' turnout created a healthy BarCraft scene. Hearing of o_Oskar's success, other locales' StarCraft communities began holding their own BarCraft events.


Is there a big BarCraft scene in Madison?
Not really, but sometimes there are watch parties at State Street Brats.
A map of BarCraft meetup spots
A map of BarCraft meetup spots

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Updated March 22, 2023

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