What does BTHU stand for?

Back the heck up


BTHU is similar to BTHO and is a way to tell someone to back up and stay away. Most people use it when cranky, so it's best to heed their request and not to anger them further.

You will likely see BTHU in texts or on social media when someone is upset; perhaps they are arguing about politics, religion, dressgate, etc. For example, after being ridiculed for his political party by his family, he may text his brother "BTHU and LMA."

BTHU is just one way to get people to leave you alone. Other options include LMA, GALMA, bye felicia, and GFY.


Why are you so mad?
I don't want to talk to you, so BTHU

When told to BTHU

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Updated October 24, 2022

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