GL has 3 meanings
1. What does GL stand for?

Good luck

GL is an acronym for "good luck," typically used online or in text messages. It is most often used in online multiplayer gaming before a game or match starts.

The GL acronym is typically considered friendly but may also be used sarcastically by disgruntled or competitive gamers. Outside of gaming, the acronym is commonly used to wish someone well before they engage in something challenging, such as confronting a roommate or working the night shift.


GL everyone, starting match

Captiain America wishes you GL

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Updated March 23, 2018
2. What does GL stand for?

Good looking

An acronym used to describe a person as "good looking;" often used by teenagers commenting on the attractiveness of a guy or girl they had the pleasure of laying eyes on.


Did u c that GL guy at the register? OMG!

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Updated March 4, 2015
3. What does GL stand for?

Get lost

GL is an acronym that means "get lost" and is often said to a person that you down't want to see or talk to anymore. The acronym may be seen in text messages or online.

GL is another way of saying, "go away" because you want the person to go to a place that is not near you. It is often stated when the sender is grumpy.


I finally told him to GL, since he was bugging me so much

GL means get lost

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Updated February 14, 2018

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