What is btr short for in messages?


Btr is an abbreviation people use when messaging, whether online or in texts. You will often see it when people compare the quality of something or someone to something or someone else.

For example, your foodie sibling may text you, "please try the new burrito place. it's btr than anything you've ever had before. I guarantee it!" People may also use it when discussing how much they want or don't want something to happen. For example, your friend may message you when watching the MNF game, "this game btr not go to ot, i gotta get to bed!"


What did u think of the movie?
IDK, it was aight, btr than the 1st one
You will likely see btr in texts and online messages
You will likely see btr in texts and online messages

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Updated October 16, 2023

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