Cake Eater

What is a cake eater?

A person from a wealthy background

A cake eater is a person who comes from an affluent background and has the means to indulge themself, like eating expensive cake when poorer people can only afford bread. Cake eater is an insult, and people who use it likely come from poor upbringings that resent the luxurious life of the rich.

For example, if your wealthy friend complains about his lakehouse, you may reply, "Quit your whining, cake eater!" Or, a kid at school may drive by in a new Lexus his parents bought him, and you say, "Must be hard being a cake eater."

Origin of cake eater

The origin of the slang term "cake eater" is unclear. Some claim it comes from the "Let them eat cake" quote famously attributed to Queen Marie Antoinette, while others claim that the fanciness of cake is consistent with the fancy lifestyles of the affluent.

Additionally, residents in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota often refer to people from affluent suburbs (most notably Edina). It became even more popular when characters in the 1992 movie The Mighty Ducks used it to refer to Adam Banks, a resident of Edina.


Jack never knew what it was like to buy groceries with food stamps. He was a cake eater
Not true! My family was far from rich. I just never went hungry

Cake eater insult in The Mighty Ducks

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Updated April 18, 2023

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