Nepo Baby

What is a nepo baby?

A child who benefits from a famous parent

A nepo baby is a person (young or old) who has experienced favoritism or good fortune due to their parent's fame. Nepo babies are common in Hollywood but may also be prevalent in other areas, like corporate business, sports, and even White House advisors.

Where did nepo baby come from?

While nepotism has existed since the first baby was born, the "nepo baby" label didn't become popular until February 2022. It is not clear who coined the term, but it began trending on social media when fans of the show Euphoria noticed that one of the actresses (Maude Apatow) was the daughter of director Judd Apatow and actress Leslie Mann.

Is being a nepo baby a bad thing?

People often negatively view nepo babies because they believe they have an unfair advantage over other people from normal lineages. For example, a child of a famous actor typically has wealth, so they can focus just on auditioning. They also have access to coveted scripts, influential friends, and a parent who can give them inside advice on succeeding.

While being a nepo baby is often viewed negatively, it doesn't mean that the person doesn't also have talent (their genes come from those with talent). And while difficult, some nepo babies have tried to distance themselves from their name recognition by changing their last names to avoid the limelight. These types of nepo babies usually get the most respect.


I was this day old when I realized that Dakota Johnson is a nepo baby!
Tweet about super model nepo babies
Tweet about super model nepo babies

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Updated March 15, 2022

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