What is cakeday on Reddit?

The day a user joins Reddit

Cakeday is the day a user joined Reddit, an online social news aggregator and discussion community. It is similar to a person's birthday and comes from the cake icon displayed next to a Redditor's username.

Seeing a Redditor's cakeday helps understand their experience. For example, if a user's cakeday was in 2008, you have a good idea that they are incredibly well-versed in Reddit etiquette. However, if the Redditor's cakeday was several months ago, you might refer to them as a noob and distrust the competency on the site.


Happy cakeday! Glad that you are on Reddit
Me, too! Where else would I meet fine people like you. :-)
Cakeday Reddit post
Cakeday Reddit post

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Updated August 2, 2022

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