What does calexit mean?

California exit from the United States

Calexit is a term that refers to California's desire to leave the United States of America. The term combines "California" and "exit" much like the Brexit and Grexit terms.

The term was created and gained popularity with the #Calexit trending on Twitter after Donald Trump was elected POTUS in November 2016. California protestors who overwhelmingly voted for Hillary Clinton took to the streets to voice their dissatisfaction with the outcome of the election. This backlash was the result of the division created by Trump's inflammatory rhetoric and behavior on his campaign trail. Other terms that were trending included #Caleavefornia and #Califrexit.


I can't stand the idea of that man being my president.
Yeah, I'm all for a calexit, we'd be the chillest country ever, bruh.
#Calexit tweet

#Calexit tweet

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Updated November 10, 2016

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