What is a camper in gaming?

A player who doesn't move

In gaming, a camper is a player who stays in the same spot for a long time, sometimes throughout an entire game. These players stake out a strategically-advantageous position and wait for enemies to come to them, rather than pursue enemies across the map.

Typically, campers sit in hidden or well-defended positions that give them LoS to areas where enemies are likely to appear. Campers may also wait in areas where items or other boosts will spawn, to ensure they can grab the boosts before other players.

Some players consider camping a cheesy strategy, because if every player camped, games would never progress. Others believe camping is perfectly valid, and that those who decry camping should "get good, noob."


Can you get that camper in the tower? He's been there all game picking people off
Many gamers do not hold a high opinion of campers
Many gamers do not hold a high opinion of campers

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Updated February 10, 2022

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