What is cardboardeaux?

Boxed wine

Cardboardeaux is a fancy name to describe not-so-fancy boxed wine. The name combines "cardboard" (the material that makes up the box) and "Bordeaux (a type of wine).

It's unclear who originally coined the term, probably someone who consumed numerous glasses of cardboardeaux, but it gained popularity in 2012. Most people use it online but may also use it in person.

Often, wine snobs look down upon cardboardeaux because of its appearance. However, many practical winos love cardboardeaux because it is typically inexpensive and fits in refrigerators better than wine bottles.


You want Tru to pick up some cardboardeaux from the store?
Heck yeah!
Fan of cardboardeaux
Fan of cardboardeaux

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Updated July 25, 2022

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