Unicorn Mom

What is a unicorn mom?

An imperfect, authentic mom who defies mom shaming

A unicorn mom is a mother who leans into her faults and doesn't try to live up to the standards that critics impose on her. She is authentic and honest about her struggles and letdowns, has a sense of humor, and shrugs off mom shaming.

The term unicorn mom became popular in the mid-2010s. It has several possible origins, with the most prominent being a Californian mom named Maria Hunt. Maria created a "Unicorn Moms" Facebook group in 2015 where moms could gather in a judgment-free space. The group's tagline is: "Perfect moms are like unicorns; they don't exist."

The group took off and led to many moms worldwide opening up and sharing how they struggle to meet impossible expectations. For example, instead of grinning and bearing it, a unicorn mom having a rough day with her kids may get a babysitter at 2pm and go to a local restaurant to drink a couple glasses of wine.


I'm so glad I connected to other unicorn moms. I thought I was the only one here that sometimes doesn't like my kids

Unicorn mom

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Updated April 6, 2022

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