What does CARE mean in the workplace?

Cover a**, retain employment


CARE is an acronym that stands for "Cover a**, retain employment" which is another way to say "Protect yourself in order to keep your job." It is a variation of the "CYA" acronym that is used in various work environments from banks to police stations.

The acronym is typically used to refer to something negative that you would have to deal with that could potentially lead to you losing your job. This may be a misplaced, unfinished, or inaccurate report that led to negative financial consequences. Or maybe you are a police officer and need to cover up evidence to protect yourself from public scrutiny. CARE is a reminder for you to take the necessary precautions to insulate yourself from the punishment that may be coming in your direction.


They traced the bad quarterly projections back to your department. CARE!

Sometimes you just gotta CARE

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Updated March 26, 2020

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