What is celly short for?


Celly is short for "celebration," and is often seen in sports when a player celebrates something he or she did well, like score a goal or touchdown.

Its origins date back to the late-2000s in the hockey world as a way to refer to a player's celebration after scoring a goal. Celly has since grown in usage and has expanded to other sports, like soccer (after scoring a goal), baseball (after hitting a home run), and football (after scoring a touchdown).

While people most often perform cellies in sports, they may also do them in other contexts. People may do a celly after passing a test, defeating an opponent in a video game, making a tasty grilled cheese sandwich, getting asked out by their crush, or getting promoted at their job.


Did you see Ovechkin's sweet celly after his game-winner?
Yeah, it was sick!

An Ovechkin celly

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Updated January 7, 2021

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