Chasing The Bag

What does chasing the bag mean?

Working toward goals

Chasing the bag means "working hard to achieve success." Typically, the bag someone's trying to attain is a big pile of Benjamins. However, people who use this phrase may also be working toward success in their career, their side hustle, or another entrepreneurial project.

The phrases chase the bag and fumble the bag have been around for a while, but various rap songs brought them to mainstream attention in the late 2010s and early 2020s. Now, you'll see a variety social media users describe grinding toward success as chasing the bag, and losing a lot of money (or momentum toward success) as fumbling the bag.


I don't have time for TV shows; I'm chasing the bag all day
Bag-life balance is tough
Bag-life balance is tough

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Updated September 9, 2022

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