Fumble The Bag

What does fumble the bag mean?

Screw up

To fumble the bag means to make a big mistake. Most often, people use fumble the bag to describe instances in which they've lost a lot of money (or the chance to make a lot of money). However, people also use fumble the bag to describe other forms of screwing up, such as failing a big test, punting a big game, or turning off a potential SO.

Bag, chasing the bag, and fumble the bag entered mainstream slang vocabularies through various rap songs. For example, Gucci Mane's 2017 song I Get the Bag includes the line "you get the bag and fumble it." Now, many social media users describe fail moments as fumbling the bag and working toward success as chasing the bag.


I fumbled the bag pretty hard with my 2020 investments
Probably not something you want to brag about
Probably not something you want to brag about

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Updated September 9, 2022

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