What does closer mean?

A relief pitcher that finishes a baseball game

A term that refers to the relief pitcher who comes in to close out a game.

A closer commonly pitches the last inning sometimes two innings, of a ball game to secure the win for his team. Closers are often measured by how many "saves" they have, which is a stat used to keep track of how many games a pitcher has closed out. In order for a player to earn a save, he must successfully pitch his team to victory when they are leading by no more than 3 runs or he enters the game with the potential tying run on base, up to bat, or on deck, or he pitches at least 3 innings. Also, to earn a save, a closer cannot be the winning pitcher, must finish the game, and has to be credited with at least 1/3 (make one out) of an inning pitched. When a closer loses his team's lead, he is credited with a "blown save."


They have a great bullpen that is topped off by their stud closer

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Updated April 6, 2016

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