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1. What does era mean on social media?


On social media, an "era" is a stage of life where someone has specific interests, passions, fashion, etc. that sets them apart from other times in their life. For example, a woman may share a picture of herself from her childhood in the 1990s when she had bangs and caption it with, "my bangs era."

Era is helpful for people to make sense of the different stages (or seasons) in their lives that have led them to where they are now. While anyone may use era, women often use it on social media, especially TikTok, when commenting on where they are at in life now or where they once were.

Origin of era

It is unclear who started referring to personal stages of life as "eras," but it comes from the flop era term for describing a disappointing album by an artist. Era gained popularity in 2021 on social sites like TikTok when women began sharing pictures or videos of themselves depicting their current mood or stage with captions like "my Fleabag era" (when they felt similarly to the self-destructive main character in the Fleabag show).

Additionally, Taylor Swift made the term even more popular when she named her 2023 American tour The Eras Tour. The concert included performances from her different album eras (with fans dressing up as her different eras).


I'm in my DGAF era
You do you. Just don't break too many hearts
Main character era TikTok
Main character era TikTok

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Updated December 6, 2023
2. What does ERA mean in baseball?

Earned run average

A baseball statistic that measures the average amount of earned runs let up by a pitcher for every 9 innings; one of the most important stats that reflects the efficiency and value of a pitcher.


Kershaw could easily be MVP in the NL with his 21 wins and 1.77 ERA

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Updated September 30, 2014

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