What does CMA stand for?

Cover my a**


CMA stands for "Cover my a**," which is another way to say "Help me out" or "Protect me." It is typically used when a person detects some type of danger and asks another person to help him out.

The "Cover my a**" phrase is often utilized by military and police personnel when in a dangerous situation that requires protection from another person. The CMA acronym is a shortened version of the phrase that is used in much less dangerous situations than soldiers or police officers have to deal with. It is commonly sent in text messages or online by teenagers or young adults to ask for help in a situation.

An example of when the acronym would be used is asking a brother to lie about your whereabouts to your parents when you leave for a late-night party. Another example is asking a co-worker to take on your duties so you can skip out on work.


Hey bruh, plz CMA cuz imma b late 2 work

CMA is another way to quickly ask for help

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Updated August 26, 2020

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