What does CM stand for?

Call me

When you want a person to call you, send them "CM," which stands for "call me." People typically send it via text message or online when chatting or emailing about a subject that is better suited for verbal discussion via a phone or a device connected to the Internet.

When do I use CM?

You may send CM to someone for various reasons, including when an urgent matter requires a voice call, clarification on a subject that cannot be achieved through text, when you have exciting or surprising news to share, and connecting with a romantic interest.

Examples of specific situations that call for CM are when wanting to reveal the sex of your baby or troubleshooting a technical difficulty. You may also need to send it in order to quell any feelings of resentment after a bitter argument.


CM when u get a chance!

When you need a call real bad

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Updated May 26, 2021

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