What does CME stand for regarding email?

Checking my email

When a person messages "CME," they are busy checking their email. They may send CME in response to someone who sent them CYE or to let another person know they are currently preoccupied with that task.

For example, your friend may ask if you are busy, and you reply, "CME after returning from vacay, but I'm free at 5." Or, your mom may ask if you've read her email about dinner this weekend, and you respond with, "CME now. I'll lyk what time works." Remember that the CME acronym is rather obscure, meaning most people won't understand what it stands for unless they are slang-savvy.


CME right now. I'll text you after I read the message

CME may take a while with 3502 unread emails

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Updated July 27, 2023

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