What is txt short for?


Txt is an abbreviation people may use as a noun (e.g., "Did u c my txt?") or a verb (e.g., "Please stop txting at the dinner table"). You will likely see txt in messages whether they are online or texts, but you may also see it on social media, in forums.

For example, you might message your friend, "When you get a chance, txt me your friend's #. I'd like to ask her out. :)" Or, you might share on TikTok, "Kids these days don't know how to socialize, they just txt all day!" Additionally, computer enthusiasts know "txt" is also a common file extension (.txt) for plain text files.


I send about 30 txts a day
I'm about triple that
You'll often see txt in texts and online
You'll often see txt in texts and online

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Updated August 28, 2023

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