SG has 2 meanings
1. What does SG stand for?

Sounds good

SG is a quick way to say "sounds good." Texters and chatters use this acronym largely the same way they use OK.

Most often, people use SG when replying to a plan you've proposed, to let you know your plan sounds good. For example, if you ask your BFF whether they want to meet up for dinner and a night on the town, they may reply with "SG, meet you at 7?"


Pizza okay for dinner?
SG, but order soon. I'm so hungry

A man who is about to send SG

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Updated October 6, 2022
2. What YouTube channel is SG short for?


SG is an abbreviation for "SilvaGunner," which is a popular YouTube channel that specializes in "ripping" video game music to create mash-up songs. The abbreviation is typically used by the SilvaGunner fandom.

The abbreviation is mentioned in SilvaGunner's "File Select Fusion" video, which was posted on YouTube on September 29, 2016. It became a way for fans of the channel to refer to it online. However, the abbreviation is rather obscure beyond SilvaGunner fans.


You see SG's latest vid? It's sick!

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Updated March 25, 2020

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