1. What does TMB stand for?

Text me back

Someone who sends you TMB (text me back) wants you to text them back - likely ASAP. This acronym most frequently appears in text messages, but may also be seen in emails and online chat, when a person wants you to answer their message via text instead of another medium.

TMB is related to CMB (call me back), MMB (message me back), and WMB (write me back). It is more likely to be used by friends and family members than co-workers and employees/employers, as friends and family members are more comfortable texting each other.


What do you want for dinner?
Hey, TMB!

A live look at the person who sent you TMB

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Updated March 30, 2021
2. What does TMB mean when messaging?

Tag me back

TMB is another way to say, "get back to me when you get a chance" in messages. It comes from the actual game of tag, where participants respond back and forth.

You will likely see it in messages, whether they are texts (may mean "text me back" in this case) or online (they may also send MMB). For example, if your friend wants your response about going to a movie, they may end the message with "TMB." Or, if your friend is reaching out to talk after an extended period, they might end the message with "TMB."


Hey, TMB when you get this
Yo, what's up?

TMB comes from the game of tag

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Updated May 31, 2023
3. What does TMB stand for?

Tweet me back

A quick way to tell a person to tweet back at you on Twitter; often used when you are impatient and want someone to respond to what you said to them on Twitter; similar to CMB or MMB.


You going to go to Brad's house tomorrow? TMB!

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Updated September 3, 2014

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