What does CMM stand for?

Change my mind

People send "CMM" to communicate they have changed their mind about some past decision or opinion. They typically use it when messaging online or in texts as part of a sentence or by itself.

Most people who use CMM are indecisive or flakey when following through with a decision. They may be this way cause it is part of their personality, or they do it on purpose to keep you guessing.

An example of when you might use it is when you tell your friend that you are no longer interested in going to a concert because you have changed your mind. Or, you might message your dad that you no longer want burgers for dinner because you changed your mind (and he'll probably respond, "Too bad, already making them!").


You still going over to Issa's tonight?
No. CMM. You wanna come over here instead?

Annnnd, CMM

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Updated January 4, 2022

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