Comfort Character

What is a comfort character?

A fictional character who soothes you

A comfort character is a fictional character from a film, TV show, book, or video game that someone thinks of in times of distress, to help them feel better. Typically, people who have a comfort character either vibe with that character, look up to that character, or both - and that emotional connection can lift the person's spirits.

For example, someone who is having a difficult day at work may think of how their comfort character would handle the situation, or they might imagine what their comfort character would say to cheer them up.

Where am I likely to see comfort character used?

You're most likely to see the comfort character label used on social media, where users often post pictures of their comfort characters, as well as explanations of why the characters bring them comfort. For example, you might see a user post a picture of the character Joey from Friends, as well as an explanation of why thinking of Joey sparks joy.


Dumbledore is my comfort character - there's nothing he can't talk me through
A Twitter user whose comfort character is Daredevil
A Twitter user whose comfort character is Daredevil

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Updated December 10, 2021

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