Comfort Idol

What is a comfort idol?

A celebrity whose actions soothe you

A comfort idol is any celebrity whose actions charm you and help you retain your faith in humanity. The phrase is mainly used to refer to K-pop stars (often called idols) whose fans regard them as cute, wholesome, and humorous.

Around August 2020, Twitter's community of K-pop stans began sharing various versions of a tweet that read "everyone has that one idol that they go to for comfort. seeing their face reminds them that they're going to be okay." Each tweet had a heartwarming video or picture of the tweeter's favorite K-pop idol attached. Because the Internet is sometimes good, more and more Twitter users latched on to the comfort idol meme, sharing cute photos and videos of mostly K-pop idols, but sometimes other celebrities.


I swoon when Yoongi smiles. He's definitely my comfort idol
A Twitter user repping their comfort idol
A Twitter user repping their comfort idol

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Updated February 3, 2021

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