What does D3 stand for in gaming?

Diablo III

Gamers use D3 as shorthand for Diablo III. Released in 2012 for Windows and macOS, this third entry in the popular Diablo series has since been ported to many popular gaming consoles.

Published by Blizzard Entertainment, Diablo III sends players on yet another hack-and-slash quest to kill the Lord of Terror, Diablo. In single or multiplayer modes, players can choose their class and set out through the world of Sanctuary, gathering the knowledge and power they need to slay the game's titular antagonist.

You're most likely to see the D3 acronym pop up in Diablo-related groups and forums. It's a quick way for Diablo fans to reference Diablo III specifically, rather than other entries in the series.


I didn't sleep for 48 hours after the release of D3
A D3 producer discussing the game in the Diablo subreddit
A D3 producer discussing the game in the Diablo subreddit

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Updated September 19, 2022

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