What does DBABAI stand for?

Don't be a baby about it


When you are sick of someone's whining, you might send them "DBABAI" to tell them to quit acting like a baby. People may use it when messaging or on social sites, like X (Formerly Twitter) or Facebook.

Additionally, people typically use it with close acquaintances, such as family members or friends, but they may also use it with strangers online. For example, your brother may send "DBABAI" when you complain that you are starving. Or, you may comment "DBABAI" on a person's social post complaining about wages.

DBABAI is similar to the dismissive SALAB acronym. Also, people may replace "baby" with "b****."


This tie is too tight, can I take it off?
You will likely see DBABAI in messages
You will likely see DBABAI in messages

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Updated December 11, 2023

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