What does YRL stand for in online chat?

You are lame

When you are upset with someone online or when texting, you can call them out for being lame with "YRL." You may also use it in jest to tease someone for doing or saying something corny, embarrassing, or boring.

Instances when you may use it online include when you are annoyed by a griefer while gaming or being trolled by an Internet user in a forum. Or, when you are texting, you may send it to someone who is being cruel to you.

While most people use it to label mean people, some people send it to react to corny, boring, or embarrassing things. For example, a teenage girl may send YRL to her dad after he texts her a dumb joke, or you may send YRL to your friend who is binge-watching all of the Harry Potter movies.

Since YRL may be used in multiple contexts and text-based comments can be hard to discern, it's important to note the relationship between the sender and recipient to understand how YRL is being used. Or, you can just take offense and get into an argument like most netizens.


YRL - why do you always play so cheap?

If Fallon thinks YRL, you are in trouble

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Updated July 12, 2021

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