What does DBU stand for?

Don't beat up

DBU stands for "Don't beat up," which is short for "Don't beat yourself up." It is commonly used to tell a person not to worry too much about something.

DBU is primarily used by Trinidadians, who are citizens of Trinidad, an island in the Eastern Caribbean. Trinidadians who use the acronym typically use it in text messages and online.

The acronym is meant to ease another person's suffering. The person may be dwelling on a mistake made at work, embarrassed by an inappropriate comment that he made, bummed about a missed investment opportunity, or some other soul-crushing blooper.

The "beating up" phrase is primarily used figuratively in the form of someone being too verbally critical of himself. However, there may be some cases where the person actually hurts himself physically.


I can't believe I missed that last shot
DBU, we'll get them next time!

It's alright George Michael, DBU

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Updated September 29, 2020

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