1. What does DBTS stand for?

Don't believe that stuff

An acronym that might be used as a response when someone propogates a rumor via web forums or a social networking website; another way of saying, "Don't be gullible."


DBTS - check the source first!

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Updated October 6, 2014
2. What does DBTS mean in messages?

Don't believe their s***


If someone sends you "DBTS" in a message, they are telling you not to believe something false or offensive they had said. For example, if you get in a fight with a friend and they say something hurtful to you, another one of your friends may attempt to comfort you, "dbts. they r just mad they have no gf."

DBTS is a vulgar variation of the "don't believe that stuff" (DBTS) acronym. While the two acronyms are interchangeable, people typically use the nasty variation to respond to egregious lies spouted in a text, online message, or real life.


dbts, they don't know what they are talking about
thx. i don't know y they r so mad
they need to go tough grass

That DBTS look

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Updated October 31, 2023

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