Diddy Crop

What does diddy crop mean?

To cut a person out of your life

Diddy crop is when a person cuts someone out of a picture or out of his life entirely. It comes from Sean "Diddy" Combs cropping Kylie and Kendall Jenner out of his Met Gala photo on Instagram.

The Internet loved the move by Diddy partially because of their disdain for anyone associated with the Kartrashians. #diddycrop went viral on Instagram after users noticed that Diddy cropped Kylie and Kendall out of the image Kylie originally posted. Diddy proceeded to post it on his own Instagram. People began using "diddy crop" in reference to cropping people out of their pictures or out of their lives.


I'm so sick of Michelle's drama, I think I'm gonna diddy crop her
Wow, that's harsh
Kylie and Diddy's Instagram photos
Kylie and Diddy's Instagram photos

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Updated May 10, 2017

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