Die In The Hole

What does die in the hole mean?

Golf shot that makes it to the hole and falls in

Die in the hole is a golf phrase for when a putt just barely makes it to the hole and falls in. The putt may sit on the lip of the cup for a second or too before falling in and "dying" as if it expended its last bit of energy to make it in the hole.

The "die in the hole" phrase is one of many that have been coined to describe the agony of watching putts go in the hole or narrowly miss. One of the most famous "die in the hole" putts was when Tiger Woods sank a chip for birdie on the 16th hole of the 2005 Masters. The moment was so dramatic that it is listed on many top 10 lists of the best golf shots.


My heart skipped a beat when your ball died in the hole for par

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Updated August 23, 2016

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