What does DIIK stand for?

Darned if I know

DIIK stands for "Darned if I know," which is another way of saying, "Well, I sure don't know!" It is typically seen online and in text messages.

DIIK is rather obscure and is mostly used by older adults who think it's fun to use abbreviated slang. It is most often seen in reply to a question when the person answering is totally stumped. The person is so clueless that he can't even come up with a good guess.

An example of when you would use the acronym is when you are asked who you think will win the championship and you don't have a clue who is even playing. Another example is when you are asked how Jack is doing and you haven't spoken to him in six years.


DIIK who is going to win the NCAA tournament this year

That DIIK look

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Updated December 16, 2020

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