Don't Tase Me Bro

What does don't tase me bro mean?

Back off

Don't tase me bro is a catchphrase used to tell someone to back off or go away. The phrase comes from Andrew Meyer, a student from the University of Florida (UF) who was tasered by police.

The incident occurred on September 17, 2007 after Kerry gave a speech at the Constitution Day forum organized by UF's student government. Meyer asked Senator John Kerry several questions about his involvement in a secret society called Skull & Bones. Meyer's questioning escalated and was forced away by police. He resisted and was tasered several times, which led him to yell "Don't tase me, bro!" Video of the incident went viral and many memes were created about the incident.


You're doing it wrong, let me tie it for you
Don't tase me bro!
Andrew Meyer right before getting tasered by police
Andrew Meyer right before getting tasered by police

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Updated February 21, 2017

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