Donald Ducking

What is Donald Ducking?

Walking around in just a shirt

Donald Ducking is the act of going about your day in nothing but a shirt. This slang term originates from Disney cartoon character Donald Duck's penchant for wearing a shirt, a hat, and nothing else.

Typically, people Donald Duck only in the privacy of their own home (and are embarrassed if caught Donald Ducking). During the covid pandemic, some WFH workers began Donald Ducking more frequently, after figuring out that no one could see their bottom half during Zoom meetings.

Other names for Donald Ducking

Because Winnie the Pooh also does not wear pants (what is with these Disney characters), you may also hear Donald Ducking referred to as Winnie the Poohing.


I'm typically Donald Ducking it for the first couple hours of the morning, until I take my shower
Turns out, a LOT of Disney characters don't wear pants
Turns out, a LOT of Disney characters don't wear pants

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Updated February 3, 2022

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