What does DQMOT stand for?

Don't quote me on this

When someone is not sure a statement they're making is correct, they may preface that statement with DQMOT (don't quote me on this). This acronym is a warning that you may want to DYOR, rather than depending on the sender's knowledge.

Typically, people use DQMOT to avoid their friends, family, or co-workers blaming them for providing misinformation. For example, if you ask a co-worker about this month's quotas, they may preface their answer with DQMOT, so you can't blame them if their answer is wrong.


DQMOT, but I'm pretty sure the teacher said the test was tomorrow

DQMOT can also stand for "don't quote me on that," which appears after shaky statements

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Updated September 29, 2022

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