DQ has 2 meanings
1. What is dq short for?


DQ is an abbreviation for "disqualify." It is also often written as DQ'd, which means "disqualified."

People typically use DQ when discussing sports and other games, from which contestants can be disqualified. For example, an MTG player may find themselves DQ'd from a tournament for stacking their deck, or an Olympic athlete might be DQ'd for doping.


He was dq'd from the tournament after they found he was cheating

TMW you're DQ'd

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Updated March 17, 2022
2. What does DQ stand for?

Dairy Queen

A fast food acronym that refers to the restaurant that serves "Hot eats and cool treats;" famous for their delicious but overpriced ice cream blizzards.


I want to treat myself, I'm going to DQ to celebrate my promotion

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Updated April 30, 2014

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