1. What does QFE stand for?

Question for everyone

In group conversations and web forums, people use QFE when they have a "question for everyone." When someone asks a QFE, they want anyone and everyone who can see the question to respond with an answer.

People often use QFE when they are considering a big decision and want a variety of opinions from other people. For example, if a homeowner is planning to buy a new dishwasher, they may post "QFE: What's the best dishwasher brand?"to Reddit's r/Appliances sub. Questioners also use QFE when they require an answer from everyone in a group or thread. For example, your boss may send a group Slack message that says "QFE: What's your home phone number? I want to make sure everyone can reach each other by phone even though we're now WFH."


I have a QFE: Who do you think is better, Baffleck or R-Batz?

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Updated August 9, 2022
2. What does QFE stand for?

Quoted for emphasis

An acronym used in online forums to drive a point home; similar to QFT.


He is the most authoritative person on the subject.

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Updated October 6, 2014

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