What does DWISNWID stand for?

Do what I say, not what I do

DWISNWID (do what I say, not what I do) is an acronym used by hypocritical people who are doing something but recommend you don't do it.

For example, a parent might send their child DWISNWID during the following conversation:

Parent: Why are you still playing [WoW?|wow] You should have been in bed an hour ago.

Child: You're still playing, too. I can see you online.


However, DWISNWID is a quite uncommon and very complicated acronym. As such, you shouldn't send DWISNWID to anyone and expect them to understand what it means.


You think I should finish my homework when you haven't started yours yet?
DWISNWID means "do what I say not what I do"
DWISNWID means "do what I say not what I do"

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Updated August 24, 2021

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