What is earrape?

Horrible-sounding audio

Earrape is terrible-sounding audio, such as music or spoken dialogue, that people may purposely or accidentally create. It sounds so bad you could classify it as an assault on your ears.

You will most likely encounter earrape online in forums or on social sites, such as Twitter, TikTok, Reddit, or YouTube, when people share purposely distorted audio to take unsuspecting users by surprise. In these cases, the creator may upload a video of a song or spoken dialogue that becomes incredibly distorted and loud. When done on purpose to be funny, it is similar to rickrolling someone.

People may also classify earrape as a song by a musician that sounds terrible. For example, many Nickleback and Creed haters may classify their songs as earrape.

Origin of earrape

The slang term "earrape" originated from the website YTMND in 2005 when a user remarked that they felt a terrible song assaulted their ears. After that, people began referring to awful sounds as "earrape" with some trolls and griefers purposely creating it to catch others off guard.


I don't wanna complain but I can't handle that earrape anymore. Can you turn it off?
Sure. SBT
That feeling you get from earrape
That feeling you get from earrape
Earrape tweet criticizing a song
Earrape tweet criticizing a song

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Updated May 12, 2023

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