Easter Egg

What is an Easter egg?

A hidden message

An Easter egg is a hidden message or inside joke. Easter eggs commonly appear in video games, movies, TV shows, and computer programs.

In video games, an Easter egg might be a hidden item, a funny image, or something else a developer may have hidden in a game. One example of an Easter egg in the Grand Theft Auto V video game is a reference to the 1991 movie Thelma and Louise. If you fly a helicopter to a mountainous region on the map, you can see a reenaction of the famous scene from the film where (spoiler alert) Thelma and Louise drive their convertible off a cliff.

In movies or TV shows, Easter eggs may be references to something else in pop culture or inside jokes among the cast and crew. The movie studio Pixar is notorious for adding Easter eggs to their films. For example, they include a Jessie doll from Toy Story 2 in Boo's room in Monsters, Inc., and they cast John Ratzenberger as a voice actor in all of their feature-length films.


That game has a great Easter egg reference to the game's creator
Easter Egg means
Easter Egg means A hidden message

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Updated April 16, 2020

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