What does F4F mean on social media?

Follow for follow

F4F means "follow for follow." It is used on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram to tell other users that, if they follow you, you'll follow them back - ensuring that both your follower counts grow.

Because social media platforms boost posts made by people with large numbers of followers, many users attempt to gain followers however they can. F4Fing is a relatively mild and organic way of attempting to gain followers, as opposed to spamming hashtags in your posts or utilizing algorithms and bots to gain followers automagically.

If you want to let people know you'll follow them if they follow you, be sure to add the #F4F hashtag to your Twitter, TikTok, or Insta posts. If you want to look for users who will follow you if you follow them, you can search for others' use of the #F4F hashtag.


RT if you need followers! I love you all! #F4F #FF
A use of the #F4F hashtag on Twitter
A use of the #F4F hashtag on Twitter

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Updated October 13, 2020

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