What does FAF mean in messages and online?

Funny as f***


When something is hilarious, people may describe it as "FAF." For example, if you send a vid of a comic's stand-up to your friend, they might respond, "That's FAF. Too true!"

You will likely see FAF in messages or online, especially on social sites like TikTok or Twitter. For example, you might post a TikTok poking fun at how dads tend to dress, and someone may reply with, "That's my dad, EXACTLY. FAF."

Since the second "F" is a coarse word, be careful who you send it to since they may get offended. Some more appropriate alternatives include ROFL and BAGL or the more standard LOL and haha.


That YouTube video was FAF
I love his material. So much fresher than other comics
FAF tweet in response to a hilarious meme
FAF tweet in response to a hilarious meme

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Updated April 25, 2023

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