What does HHSF stand for?

Ha-ha, so funny

When someone says something witty, you can reply to him with "HHSF," which is a sarcastic way to say "ha-ha, so funny." You can use it online, especially on social media and in forums, and in text messages.

When do I use HHSF?

An instance where you might send HHSF is when you post a pic of your outlandish outfit to Twitter, and someone comments that you look like a peacock. Or, a parent may joke in a text message about how you sleep as long as a hibernating bear in winter.

When sending HHSF, you can accompany it with an eye-rolling emoji to communicate your visual reaction to their comment. Or you can send the "*groan*" text with the acronym to convey an audible reaction to their corny or lame attempt at a joke.


HHSF, I think YOU should ask him out

Chandler is all about the sarcastic HHSF

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Updated May 17, 2021

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