Fifth Wheel

What does fifth wheel mean?

A person who feels left out

Fifth wheel is a term for the feeling a person has when he or she feels left out of a group. It commonly occurs when a person is doing something with two other couples who are acting more intimate and romantic.

The fifth wheel term is the same as the third wheel term except it involves two other couples instead of just one. Since wheels usually come in twos or fours, like with bikes and cars, a third or fifth wheel is odd, which plays into the "odd one out" feeling. Fifth wheel situations may arise for a variety of reasons such as a group of friends feel bad for their forever alone friend and invites him along or the fifth wheel has fun with the friends but then they get all snuggly on the couch.


That party was so lame. I def felt like the fifth wheel when they went on and on about their threenagers
Can you guess who the fifth wheel is?
Can you guess who the fifth wheel is?

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Updated March 15, 2017

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