What does threenager mean?

A three year old that acts like a teenager

A threenager is a three year old with a sassy attitude, much like a moody teenager. The term may also be applied to a child that isn't three but still resembles a teen.

As kids grow up they go through different developmental stages. When they approach two years old they usually become rebellious which is commonly known as the "terrible twos." This rebellious attitude usually sticks around into kids' threes and is similar to the same rebelliousness of teenagers. Some examples of teenage behavior that toddlers may display include fussing about food, complaining about clothes, and generally disagreeing with just about everything his or her parent says.


My three year old just looked at me and said, “Ya whatever, mom.” I think I officially have a threenager on my hands

Threenager means a three year old that acts like a teenager

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Updated August 24, 2016

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