What is fitspo short for?

Fitness inspiration

Fitspo is an abbreviation for "fitness inspiration", which refers to the motivation to be healthier and more fit. It is typically used in regards to women getting stronger instead of skinnier.

Fitspo is often preceded by a hashtag (#) accompanying an image with a motivating phrase like "you can do this" or "women are powerful." The images include a woman working out and showing off her body as a goal for other women to attain. These fitspo images are typically posted on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The term has come under criticism because it elevates unattainable bodies as goals for most women that will never be able to achieve them without unhealthy habits.


Got an extra dose of fitspo today so I'm gonna stop at the gym after work
A fitspo motivational meme
A fitspo motivational meme

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Updated September 20, 2017

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