What kind of lifestyle is crunchy?

Natural and sustainable lifestyle

Crunchy is a lifestyle that prioritizes natural and sustainable living practices, such as eating organic food, composting waste, and using cloth diapers. The term comes from the crunchiness of granola, another label for people who embrace aspects of hippie-like alternative living.

The crunchy movement grew substantially in the 2010s, leading to many blogs and social media influencers (often moms) touting the lifestyle (promoting their products and concoctions). The community largely rejects mainstream food, products, and medicinal methods that the greater public has accepted. Instead of conforming, they do lots of "online research" to do what feels best for them.

Because they are so zealous about their lifestyle, they often protest the government and large pharmaceutical companies ("big pharma"). For example, they may refuse to vaccinate their kids and instead make natural home remedies for treating sicknesses.


My mom is so crunchy. She only buys organic food and checks the chemicals in everything
My mom is the exact opposite. We had potato chips and hot dogs for dinner last night
Tweet about the new crunchy trend
Tweet about the new crunchy trend
Tweet poking fun at the crunchy influencer look
Tweet poking fun at the crunchy influencer look

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Updated April 5, 2023

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