What does FOAF stand for?

Friend of a friend

A FOAF is a "friend of a friend." Most often, people use this acronym when referring to someone they know tangentially, through a friend. For example, your BFF Cindy might say "a FOAF said she could score us tickets to the concert." This means a friend of Cindy's friend can hook you both up with concert tickets.

In some cases, people may use FOAF to refer to the Friend of a Friend project, which is an online collection of machine-readable profiles that describe connections between people. Ontologists use the FOAF collection to study social networks (and the activities that take place within those networks).


I'm not ttly sure if it's true - I just heard it from a foaf
Ooh, hot gos, my fave

TMW you don't have anything to say to a FOAF

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Updated July 21, 2023

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